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The urban design premise of PoughkeepsieGo is based on fun as a pedagogical concept. By speaking the language of children through gaming to engage and educate about what’s on their plate, we hope to start a food cultural revolution against current junk food habits. The proposal appropriates the vernacular of play in order to instill a critical consciousness of all food-related processes.





_augmented reality urban gaming curriculum

_poughkeepsie_new york_usa

_design completed 2016

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Site Analysis

_underprivileged district

_free school lunch program 


Design Argument

_urban gaming curriculum

_food cultural revolution

Regional Framework

_resources framework

_satellite partnerships

Urban Interaction

_augmented reality gaming

_food education reform

Micro Implication

_school facilities upgrade

_augmented reality overlay

Site Analysis
PoughkeepsieGO_Dutchess County Obesity Level
PoughkeepsieGO_Dutchess County School Enrollment

Compare to surrounding school districts, Poughkeepsie students are significantly underprivileged. Only Poughkeepsie meets the poverty threshold for CEP(Community Elegibility Provision), a universal free meal program. It is also the district with the highest obesity rates.

PoughkeepsieGO_Community Elegibility Provision Breakdown
PoughkeepsieGO_Dutchess County_High School Analysis
PoughkeepsieGO_High School Lunch Menu Comparison




urban gaming curriculum
Phase I

_urban exploration

_elementary school

_planting & seeding


Phase II

_urban engagement

_middle school

_preparing & cooking

Phase III

_urban advocacy

_high school

_composing & up cycling

PoughkeepsieGO_Gaming Curriculum
Design Argument
PoughkeepsieGO_Phase I

The gamescape is structured around bringing different schools within Poughkeepsie City School District together; by sharing a common learning experience and a centralized kitchen. It is a strategy of localization in order to make efficient economies of food production and consumption. As children move through the K-12 public school system, they study the entire food cycle and participate in the processes within.  

3,000 School districts qualified for Community Eligibility Provision are encouraged to adapt PoughkeepsieGO's urban gaming strategy into their lunch education curriculum. Starts in Hudson Valley as an initiative, the pedagogical concept of PoughkeepsieGO aims to reshape food culture in United States by inviting 8.5 million students from CEP schools to take roles in the entire food production cycle through competitive gaming.

Regional Framework
PoughkeepsieGO_Hudson Valley School Meal Resources Framework
Urban Interaction

Phase I

Urban Exploration

Elementary School

Phase II

Urban Engagement

Middle School

Middle School Interaction

Phase III

Urban Advocacy

High School

High School Interaction
Micro Implication













PoughkeepsieGO represents a start - a beta version - as an open network, welcoming future expansion to community collaborators for a dynamic gaming curriculum.

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