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heterotopia | 幻城

The urban design premise of PoughkeepsieGo is based on fun as a pedagogical concept. By speaking the language of children through gaming to engage and educate about what’s on their plate, we hope to start a food cultural revolution against current junk food habits. The proposal appropriates the vernacular of play in order to instill a critical consciousness of all food-related processes.





_augmented reality urban gaming curriculum

_poughkeepsie_new york

32ºF Armature’s act of changing state of water could be seen as a metaphor for the will of deliberately reshape current floriculture & pisciculture economical structure in Kolkata. This sustainable hydromorphology design counters the urbanization encroachment pressure at rural Kolkata and accommodates the growth of grass roots value-addition industries benefiting Calcuttans who are underprivileged. 

32°F Armature

_alt-state of water, catalyst for alt-state of economy

_kolkata_west bengal_india

#32°f #altstatewater



Biodiversity is one of the core identities of Staten Island.Yet this element is missing in Stapleton. si_[amped]_ecotone reimagines new ways of integrating wildlife into human settlement. The prototypes at three selected sites serve as guidelines for future wildlife & human co-dwelling urbanism in multiple scales.


_new ways of integrating wildlife into human settlement

_stapleton_staten island_new york city




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