Close Reading: SLC

城市細讀: 鹽湖城

A close reading of the urban cannot avoid the entanglements and connections which are the stuff of living. The close reading of Salt Lake City reveals the difficulties of representing the socio-spatial and geo-political networks that (re)produce urban knowledge.


_ecology x recreation x religion x economy

_salt lake city_utah

_completed_exhibition milan design week_milan italy 2017

#huaxia wu #marwah garib #yiran hu
Environment and Ecology

_western united states

_history and settlement

Open Space and Recreation

_utah state

_natural resource 


Culture and Religion

_salt lake and utah county

_lds church and demography

Economy and Finance

_salt lake city and provo

_education and tech sector

Experimental Animation

_abstract diagram

_synthesized infographic






Open Space










Timber Valley_MSPF_Pop-up Installation

Experimental Animation

A close reading of the urban cannot avoid the entanglements and connections which are the stuff of living.


Systems, and cognate designations such as networks, constellations, webs, complexes and organizations, constitute what the discipline refers to in spatial terms: cities, regions or territories. The complexity of these systems is tied to power-laden historical and ongoing decisions made across geographies and scales. And rarely do the elements of any single system coincide with another. This is not condition in need of mending but is a productive possibility within the broad process of urbanization.



Timber Valley_MSPF_Pop-up Installation


The endless configurations defined by each individual visitors reveal the true nature of Timber Valley's design intent. By using recycled materials, modular scheme, and simple construction methods, Timber Valley ultimately promotes up-cycling design for visitors in all ages in an easy-to-deploy and sustainable fashion. 

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