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algorithm | 演算

Project Vorotree was made in seeking for a self-develops structural system that is constantly optimizing itself along the process of form-finding. The proposal provides a logical solution to redefine a space by using voronoi cells that are generated by the point clouds extracted out of a controlled L-System structure. 

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_4" x 5" x 6-1/2"_3d printed photopolymer

_completed 2013

Egg Series

_24" x 30"_print

_completed 2014

Egg Series is a collection of "parametric drawings" used to illustrate a set of parametrically designed egg-shape forms. The 2D drawings are developed to be responsive to any changes made in 3D in real time. Not only the drawings stand as artworks on their own, they were made to abstract the concept of each egg as parti diagrams.

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Printed Cheese

_900 sq.ft.

_design completed 2016

The density of cream cheese makes it one of the best eatable materials to use on a pressure controlled 3D printer. This analysis aims to identify the balance between material property of cream cheese, printing methods, output geometries, and the finish prototypes' structural stability overtime when prototypes start to dehydrate. 

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