_alt-state of water, catalyst for alt-state of economy

_kolkata_west bengal_india

_design completed 2017

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32F_Scale of Floriculture & Pisciculture Industries
32F_Floriculture_Landscape Fabric
32F_Floriculture_Spiritual Prosperity
32F_Pisciculture_Physical Well-being
32F_Pisciculture_Landscape Fabric
32F_Foundation Principles of 32F Economy
32F_Ice_Significant Segment in Floriculture and Pisciculture
32F_Indigenous Approach_Heat Exchange Mechanism
32°f economy
in kolkata
32F_Ice Making_Modern Approach
32F_Scenario 1_Synthesized Diagram
32F_Scenario 1_Future Implication
32F_Scenario 1_Blackwater Ice Cooperative
urban interaction
32F_Scenario 2_Site Framework
32F_Scenario 2 _Synthesized Diagram
32F_Scenario 2_Future Implication
32F_Scenario 2_Greywater Ice Cooperative
32F_Scenario 2_Rendering
32F_Scenario 3_Synthesized Diagram
32F_Scenario 3_Future Implication
32F_Scenario 3_Site Framework
32F_Scenario 3_Edible Ice Cooperative

32°F Armature intends to gradually form an experimental network which integrates ice, fish and flower to benefit the people economically and a framework that allows the expansion to happen in an eco-friendly manner.

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32F_Scenario 3_Edible Ice Cooperative